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Adjustments to Horizon School Division Subdivision Boundaries

September 10, 2020
​September 10, 2020 - For Immediate Release

Humboldt, SK – Effective September 1, 2020, the boundaries for four of Horizon School Division's 14 Subdivisions have been adjusted to better match attendance area boundaries for schools. Horizon's Board of Education spent time reviewing these boundaries and making suggestions for adjustments, and the Ministry of Education has approved the submitted changes.

Horizon School Division is divided into 14 subdivisions for the purpose of Board representation. This includes 4 Trustees representing First Nations.

"These adjustments to our subdivision boundaries represent a lot of work and planning on the part of our Horizon administration team and Board members," said Jim Hack, Horizon School Division Board Chair. "We appreciate the expedience with which this was able to occur, prior to the coming Board election this fall. Horizon's Trustees are always looking for new ways to serve our schools and communities, and these boundary changes reflect that."

Boundary changes affect the following Subdivisions:

Subdivision 3 – change to schools and boundary
Now includes: Nokomis School (previously Subdivision 9), Viscount School, Watrous Elementary School, Winston High School
Subdivision 4 – change to schools and boundary
Now includes: Drake School (previously Subdivision 9), Englefeld School, Lanigan Elementary School, Lanigan Central High School, Muenster School, Watson School
Subdivision 5 – change to boundary
Still includes: LeRoy School, Wynyard Composite High School, Wynyard Elementary School
Subdivision 9 – change to schools and boundary
Now includes: Punnichy Community High School, Punnichy Elementary Community School, Raymore School, Sask Central Hutterian School
A complete map of Horizon School Division's subdivision boundaries can be found below. For more information regarding Horizon's Board, please visit

New Subdivision Map (effective September 1, 2020)

Previous Subdivision Map (for reference)


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