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Horizon School Division
Creating a better world, one student at a time.
Literacy & Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy are foundational skills for all future learning, and a major focus of everything we do at Horizon School Division. We work to provide teachers and school administrators with the tools they need to ensure effective classroom instruction and help our students realize their reading potential.
Reading levels across Horizon School Division have seen exceptional growth in recent years, thanks to the hard work of our students and educators. Additionally, a number of new initiatives have come from our Board of Education's renewed focus on literacy outcomes -- such as the creation of our Literacy & Numeracy Team supporting teachers and school administrators. This work brings us one step closer to our Literacy & Numeracy Goal and we could not be more excited for the future in Horizon School Division.

Resources for Parents
1. Parent Insert.pdf
2. K-3 pamphlet.pdf
3. 4-6 pamphlet.pdf
4. Grade 7 to 12 Brochure.pdf

Effective Practice in Reading Instruction
1.      Saskatchewan Reads
2. Every Child Every Day – Allington
3. Guided Reading – Fountas and Pinnell
       Guided Reading.pdf
4. Identifying Instructional Moves During Guided Learning – Frey and Frey
5. Developing Strategic Readers and Learners – Doug Buchi
6. What Research Says About Text Complexity and Learning to Read
        What Research Says.pdf
7. Essential Elements of Fostering and Teaching Reading Comprehension – Duke, Pearson, Strachan & Billman
8. Complex Test or Frustration Level Text – Stahl  
9. What At-Risk Readers Need - Allington
10. A Comparative Study of Reciprocal Teaching Only and Explicit Strategies before Reciprocal Teaching On Reading Comprehension Of EFL Learners – Salchi & Vafakhah
11. The Expert Panel on Literacy - Grades 4 -6 in Ontario
12. Summer Slide
        Summer Slide.pdf

Working Together as Professionals
1. Closing the Gap: A Whole School Approach to Prevention and Intervention – Trehearne  
        Closing the Gap.pdf
2. Parent Engagement: Creating a Shared World
3. Partnership Learning
4. Collaborative Professional Development  
        Collaborative pd.pdf
5. Using Professional Learning Communities to Bolster Comprehension Instruction